Live, studio, remote recording, teaching, touring and production. Buzz Allan is a drummer for hire. 




Since he was a wee boy growing up in (questionably) sunny Aberdeen, Buzz has been a drum nerd.  Levels of enthusiasm gained momentum with age but he was pretty much your stereotypical drummer child bashing away on pots and pans with various kitchen implements. That passion hasn’t gone away; the only difference is that now he has really nice drums instead of mistreated home-wares. That, and a bit more experience.

Having been in London and drumming professionally for over ten years, Buzz has a good grasp of the different aspects of the vocation.  He has experience in engineering and recording (live and studio-based), live playing with acoustic kits, electric pads, percussion and other instruments including guitar, keys and bass. Teaching is a big part of Buzz’s drive as this continues to be a part of his life as a musician and to be honest from what you hear, they keep you on your toes, these primary kids.  

He is an adaptable fellow very much driven by a love of music, which comes in a genre-free package. Whatever the genre good music is good music.

Buzz’s nerd-like capabilities aren’t limited to drums, as he also spends a lot of time listening to records and looking at vintage cars. He might be stuck in the past.

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Life on the road

Buzz is a very experienced live player and has spent a lot of his life on the road, not only drumming, but also managing tours and technical aspects of shows. This has included travel logistics, budgets & itineraries and coordination with venues, technical crew and transport companies to ensure the smooth running of a tour. 


Buzz has played on three continents and fourteen countries around the world to hundreds of thousands of fans. 


This is a clip from Santiago, Chile. 





Buzz has a lot of experience with live sound on stage and regularly mixes stage monitor and in-ear-monitor mixes from the drum riser. He is very comfortable using remote apps for all current digital mixing desks including Midas, Sound Craft, Yamaha and Allen and Heath.

Projected imagery is also a skill of Buzz's. He uses Resolume Avenue 4 to create and project images from the stage to enhance any show. 


Buzz has years of experience with recording, mixing and mastering music as both a musician and a sound engineer. This gives him good insight into running a smooth recording session as he can see the situation from both sides, which enables him to get a better result. 

Buzz has recorded in many top studios including Toe Rag, Love Buzz and the Magic Garden with producers including Tim Bran, Talvin Singh, and Liam Watson to name a few. 

Buzz has a completely mobile recording set up for location recording in any venue. 




This is a brief selection on tracks that Buzz has appeared on. Some he has just played on, but others he has produced, mixed and/or mastered too.


Acts who Buzz has played with include; Duchamp Pilot, The Upbeat Beatles, The Doors Alive, Cash, Mr Twist, Seaker, Malka, Wild Child, The iPhonics, The Magnetic Mind, Tamsin Warley, Iona Leigh, Eleanor Seabird, Mary at Midnight and more. 




Buzz has been teaching drums since 2005 and has taught students from the age of 4 to 44. He has worked for Lambeth music service and Berkshire Maestros and continues to teach private lessons in schools and his own studio in North London. 

As part of his work with Berkshire Maestros, Buzz was a project leader for wider opportunities workshops, aimed at schools without a music department. Buzz taught groups of 8-12 children over 10 week periods, which culminated in a  school performance. One group of year 4s were even good enough to play at the Hexagon in Reading in front of 500 people. 

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Phone: 07921 460905